Things we've overhead in our office:

“I couldn’t believe it. After 3 days care with Dr. Anderson I was much better than I had been in 3 weeks with my primary care provider on heavy drugs.”

“My doctor kept telling me there was nothing more that could be done for by back and leg pain. I saw Dr. Anderson one visit and felt like a new woman.”

“I see Dr. Anderson regularly for neck, low back and knee arthritis. Without him I wouldn’t be able to keep going.”

“I am over 80 and still working. My colleagues ask how I do it and I told them my chiropractor keeps me going.”

“I saw doctors in Florida and Vermont with little relief from pain. I have seen Dr. Anderson for a few visits and I am almost symptom free.”

“I used to just live with pain. Now I see Dr. Anderson once a month and I have next to no pain.”

“I build houses and if my neck gets out I get dizzy. That isn’t so good for a builder. One visit with Dr. Anderson and my dizziness goes away.”

“I have had shoulder pain and lack of movement for a year. I saw my medical doctor and did physical therapy. A half dozen treatments with Dr. Anderson and I am much better.”

“Last winter I was in a multi-car pile up in the snow. I had major whiplash pain. It took a few months but I have no pain now thanks to Dr. Anderson.”

“I live an hour away from Brattleboro and drive past many other doctor’s offices. I come to Dr. Anderson because what he does works.”

“When I first came to northern New England, I had already found that sine wave ultrasound with electrostimulation would relieve the tightness of my trigger points although I did not know what they were at that time. I had a considerable amount of trouble finding a chiropractor who would try this therapy. Fortunately, I found Dr. Craig Anderson. Over the course of many years, he developed a specific treatment regimen for my TrrPs. I am deeply indebted to him, not only for helping to keep me mobile, but also for helping me write this section (of my book), as well as the section on chiropractic.”
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“I know exactly where I’d be without chiropractic medicine-in a lot more pain. If I’m going on a trip or planning something that will place unusual stress on my body, I visit my chiropractor before I leave for the trip. I do everything to ensure that I am in the best possible condition before I tackle something difficult-chiropractic can be a great preventive medicine. I also schedule an appointment following a stressful activity. My body needs that alignment help before it can begin to heal itself.” P 245

Devin Starlanyl, MD in her book Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome

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